Monday, July 6, 2009

Bits of Life and Such

Mere hours after I somewhat proudly blogged that missing things is mind over matter for me, I found myself nearing the point of tears over the lack of fabric softener here, all the time realizing how incredibly silly that is. I'm doing just fine though, really. Homesickness comes and goes, and when it comes, I pray that God uses my weakness to show me His strength. He has been more than gracious.
This weekend I went to another give away ceremony. I went to this one with my friend Viola, who is from central Uganda, and she brought a traditional outfit for me to wear. I should point out that I was way more excited about this than any "grown up" should be. My eight-year-old-dress-up-loving dream. It is called a gomesi, and has seriously pointy sleeves, and wraps and pleats and tucks around you in an impossibly intricate manner. Despite my gallant attempts an camoflauge, I was still quite obviously the only mzungu (white person) at the give away. :)
I'm loving being back at daily life in Kabale. Blessed routine. Actualy, though, this is my last true week of it. I am trying to cherish the little bits of normalcy that will, I'm sure, seem strange once I am back at home. I think I am equal parts anxious to see my friends/family and extremely sad at the prospect of leaving the ones I have here. Whether I feel more bitter or sweet about goin home changes from day to day. (Today it is bitter.)
Anyway, I realize this is not much of an update, but I just thought I'd utilize whatever internet time I had. I'll go back to Trinity soon for my Bible study- which I am having a great time with. It is a very awesome group of people that I am getting to know through fellowship over the Word. Right now, I'm at the Edirisa where, at this very moment, a baby mouse is sitting inches away from my foot. I should probably move my bag. Cute as he is, I do NOT want any stowaway rodents coming back to California with me.


  1. colson and i are laughing aout the mouse!! =) your stories are such a blessing to read!! our prayers and hellos are to you and joab and connie (and many others of course) "speaking of Bible Study, tell susanna that I just got a new Bible" -colson love you susanna, tami

  2. I hope you were able to take some pictures while you were dressed in your gomesi...we are looking forward to seeing ALL of your pictures, but mostly YOU. Be safe, we will see you very soon ~