Saturday, July 11, 2009


I have found much love in Africa. Love has many shapes, sizes, forms, and personifications. I have known this, but am finding the experience of this truth to be infinitely more meaningful than the knowledge alone.
I have seen love in the shining eyes of the nursery students whose recitation of the alphabet I praised.
I have heard love in the voices raised in a language I do not know, in praise of a God I do.
I have felt love in the gentle impact of a little body colliding with my kneecaps in a child’s fierce hug.
I have tasted love in the countless hardboiled eggs, pieces of bread, cups of tea, and bottles of Coke offered by kind hosts.
I have smelled love in the dirt roads after the rain while walking hand-in-hand with a friend.
Yes, I have found so much love. If only I can learn to give half as much as I have received. Oh, to pour out my heart the way I have seen hearts poured out time and again. I have found much love in Africa.

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  1. What a sweet and tender experience to carry home in your heart. God's infinite love is everywhere even if we have to peel back the layers to see it emerge. Something tells me you just bring it out naturally. We will see you soon dear, have a sweet and safe journey ~