Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Updates, Ramblings, Etc.

Finals are over, and I can breathe again. Time to focus all my energy on getting to Uganda. Actually, there is not a whole lot else for me to do at this point. I have my tickets, my passport, and my visa is on its way. It's mainly just the fun stuff that is left to do.
For example: plan Paris. Yes, Paris. For 26 hours, the City of Lights is mine. To someone who has never traveled alone, a solo Parisian adventure feels quite courageous. So far I've booked a hostel and bought a ticket to the Louvre (oh happiness, oh delight!). Beyond that, I have no solid plans. Any suggestions?
It feels rather illogical to take a two month trip without making many plans for what I will do while I am there, but, hey- T.I.A. (this is Africa). Any solid plans I make would likely be thrown out the window the moment I arrive. The general plan is for me to help out teaching classes at the school and to lead some Bible studies, which is one thing I can prepare for right now. I'll also be volunteering at a local orphanage, which I am pretty excited about.
So for now, I'm brimming with excitement; ready to be back in Kabale. I miss the red dirt, I miss Edith, I miss fresh pineapple, I miss the luminous smiles. I miss the joy these people have for life, despite circumstances I have never had to deal with.
And it's true, behind each smile is usually a world of hurt that I can't imagine. I don't want to go to Uganda seeing myself (much less, being seen) as someone to solve peoples' problems or heal their pain. Rather, I want to be a light for the only One who can heal pain. In essence- it's not about what I can to to help anyone, it's about what He can do!

Scenes from Uganda...