Monday, June 15, 2009

Let's try this again...

So, I had a whole post written, and, of course, the power went out before I could publish it.
I had a great weekend! Saturday was the inter-house track and field competition for Trinity. I was an official recorder. It was lots of fun. Sunday, I hung out with friends who came down from Kampala. That's about a seven hour bus ride on a poorly paved road. Not fun. But we had a great time. We went to a "pork joint." As the name would imply, the only thing served it pork, barbequed. Basically, they are log and tin shacks with dirt floors and chickens roaming around. Probably (definitely) not FDA approved, but so good! You order by the kilo, and it is served on a platter to be eaten communally.
Last night I had my first run-in with African arachnids. This one was in the bathroom, spotted as I was getting ready to shower. It was about the same size as a daddy long leg, but probably twice as thick. I was too afraid to kill it (chances were, it would put up a fight) so I just kept a wary eye on it, my pile of clothes, and the painfully large crack under my door. That night I made sure my misquito net went all the way down to the floor on all sides of my bed. :)
I'm wishing I could think of more notable things to update on, but, of course, my mind goes blank as soon as I sit down at a computer. I am nearly at the halfway point of my trip, and can't believe this first month went by so fast! It has been great so far, and I'm praying that the next one is too.

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  1. I think I would have killed that spider! Good to hear you are still enjoying your journey...keeping you in thought and prayer ~