Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Well, what to say? I leave tomorrow. I'm incredibly excited, and can't wait to see all that God has in store. I'm just ready to be on the airplane, on my way to Kabale. I won't get there until Saturday morning, actually. Here is my itinerary, all in local times:

Depart- 5/20 San Francisco 8:05 AM. Arrive- 5/21 Paris 6:55 AM.
Depart- 5/22 Paris 10:50 AM. Arrive- 5/22 Nairobi 8:20 PM.
Depart- 5/22 Nairobi 10:15 PM. Arrive- 5/22 Kigali 10:40 PM.

A friend in Rwanda is picking me up at the airport, and I will spend the night in Kigali. Saturday morning, Joab is picking me up and taking me at last to Kabale. So, I have quite the journey ahead of me! I would really appreciate your prayers as I travel. For that matter, while I am there, too!
So, today consists of last minute packing/rearranging (how to get rid of those two extra pounds of baggage?), collecting letters, etc. from various people for friends in Kabale, making travel playlists, and one last visit from a very sweet boyfriend.
It has been so amazing to see the love and support you all have given me as I prepare for this. I am incredibly blessed with wonderful friends and family. Thank you so, so much! I can't wait to share the next part of this journey with you.

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  1. I thought of you this morning when I looked at the clock and knew you were in flight. You will be kept in thought and prayer consistently. Looking forward to your updates!

  2. I was exceedingly jealous but also euphoric this morning when I received your text about how you were at that exact moment eating a crepe in the shadow of the Notre Dame! All I can say is “Paris, soon we shall meet”!!! You can’t begin to understand how happy I am that you will be spending the next two months in Kabale…a place I have learned to love! I will miss you, but more than that I can hardly wait for you to come back to tell me all about your adventures and share all your pictures with me! Be sure to tell all my old friends at KTC hello for me! Have a fabulous trip and don’t forget to just have FUN!!!!