Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Updates, Ramblings, Etc.

Finals are over, and I can breathe again. Time to focus all my energy on getting to Uganda. Actually, there is not a whole lot else for me to do at this point. I have my tickets, my passport, and my visa is on its way. It's mainly just the fun stuff that is left to do.
For example: plan Paris. Yes, Paris. For 26 hours, the City of Lights is mine. To someone who has never traveled alone, a solo Parisian adventure feels quite courageous. So far I've booked a hostel and bought a ticket to the Louvre (oh happiness, oh delight!). Beyond that, I have no solid plans. Any suggestions?
It feels rather illogical to take a two month trip without making many plans for what I will do while I am there, but, hey- T.I.A. (this is Africa). Any solid plans I make would likely be thrown out the window the moment I arrive. The general plan is for me to help out teaching classes at the school and to lead some Bible studies, which is one thing I can prepare for right now. I'll also be volunteering at a local orphanage, which I am pretty excited about.
So for now, I'm brimming with excitement; ready to be back in Kabale. I miss the red dirt, I miss Edith, I miss fresh pineapple, I miss the luminous smiles. I miss the joy these people have for life, despite circumstances I have never had to deal with.
And it's true, behind each smile is usually a world of hurt that I can't imagine. I don't want to go to Uganda seeing myself (much less, being seen) as someone to solve peoples' problems or heal their pain. Rather, I want to be a light for the only One who can heal pain. In essence- it's not about what I can to to help anyone, it's about what He can do!

Scenes from Uganda...


  1. I love your pictures and your words put a smile in my heart...I'm so excited for you!

  2. Popped over from Joni's blog to welcome you to blog land and to wish you well on your adventure.

  3. here via joni's to say welcome and also to wish you good days sharing life and love with those you are with.

  4. Hi Susanna! I came from Joni's and want to wish you well. What an exciting adventure you are about to embark on in Africa!
    I visited Paris years ago and with the time you have there, just watch, look and listen! Absorb all you can and enjoy :)

  5. Woman you inspire me! Blessings on your trip! How can we be praying for you? <3

  6. God bless you, Susanna! I'm here from Joni's blog, and I want to wish you well on your stay in Africa! ((hugs))

  7. What a wonderful opportunity! I love the pictures.